Hana Kokochi Japanese Green Tea
Hana Kokochi Japanese Green Tea

Hana Kokochi Japanese Green Tea

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This Japanese green tea is very unique and unlike anything I had ever encountered before.

The name "Hana" represents "flower" & "kokochi" represents "smell." Naturally, the tea offers a very fragrant aroma, with very pleasant floral notes.  The flavor is sweet and vegetal at the same time.  

For 5+ years, the Japanese Tea Research Centers have been working on a new type of tea that would appeal to the younger generations: something more fragrant (Japanese teas are traditionally not known for fragrance, but flavors instead).

This tea is the product of that research and development of a new process!

I was fortunate to get to meet the farmer than made this tea! (Second picture.)


Origin: Shizuoka, Japan
Produced: September 2018
Classification: Green Tea
Brewing instructions: 3 grams of tea (1 1/2 teaspoons), 8 oz. 195 degree water (boil and cool for 2 mins), brewed for 1 minute.  The leaves can be rebrewed 2 additional times at 195 degrees -- 10 seconds for the first and 30 for the second rebrew.